Albuquerque’s Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorneys

Because of the serious implications of a juvenile crime conviction, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Albuquerque who understands juvenile crime laws can really help you fight to safeguard your child’s future.

Juvenile Crimes and Charges in New Mexico

With several exceptions, juvenile crimes are brought to the juvenile courts. Sentencing is geared more toward rehabilitation than punishment. However, the consequences are still serious and can have far-reaching effects on your child’s future.

Penalties are dependent upon the crime, but can include:

  • Court-mandated therapy
  • Time in juvenile detention
  • Community service

A juvenile record could affect your child’s ability to receive a scholarship, apply to colleges and could even affect future career opportunities.

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If a crime is serious enough, your child could be tried as an adult and face much more serious consequences.

When your child faces a juvenile crime charge, you may feel frightened and confused. At the Law Office of Mark Keller, you will have a top-notch Albuquerque criminal defense law firm full of experienced attorneys to offer guidance and to seek the best outcome for your situation.

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