Your Right to a Trial by Jury in Albuquerque, New Mexico

A Criminal Defense Attorney to Aggressively Defend Your Rights

When you find yourself accused of a crime, you need aggressive representation to ensure your rights are protected, including your right to a trial by jury. You need the experienced New Mexico criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Mark Keller.

Your Right to a Trial by Jury

The law affords those accused of a crime certain rights in order to protect them from an unjust outcome to their case. The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees you a right to trial by an impartial jury.

Once you have been arrested, you must act quickly to ensure that all of your legal rights, including right to trial by jury, are respected. If you face more than 90 but fewer than 180 days in jail, you must file a jury demand within ten days of your arraignment or your right to a trial by jury may be forfeit. When you face more than 180 days in prison, you are automatically eligible for a jury trial.

Having your rights disregarded could end in unfair and even unlawful issues that could have devastating effects on you, your family, your employment and your future.

Aggressive Advocacy to Defend Your Rights in Albuquerque

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