DWI/DUI Crash Resulting in Involuntary Manslaughter

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Auto accidents are terrifying experiences. But, when you are charged with involuntary manslaughter, the horror can follow you well after the crash. At the Law Office of Mark Keller, we know how difficult this situation can be. Our attorneys help you fight your charges with aggressive and strategic criminal defense.

Vehicular Manslaughter Laws in New Mexico

In New Mexico, vehicular manslaughter, also referred to as vehicular homicide refers to the “killing of a human being in the unlawful operation of a motor vehicle.”

While the act may have been involuntary, the state still deals out harsh penalties for vehicular manslaughter. Not afraid to throw down the gloves, our criminal defense attorneys fight vigorously to protect you from unnecessary penalties.

DWI/DUI Related Crashes

When death is the result of a drunk driver, the vehicular manslaughter charge escalates to a 3rd degree felony. Dedicated to your case, our experienced DUI/DWI attorneys do everything possible to give you the best possible criminal legal help, including:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation of the arrest
  • Determining the cause of the accident
  • Finding fault and negligence if it is present
  • Interviewing witnesses and gathering testimony
  • Ensuring all DWI/DUI procedures were followed correctly by law enforcement
  • Ensuring your rights were in no way violated at any time during your arrest or incarceration

Our top DUI/DWI attorneys have over 80 years of experience defending the rights of drunk drivers. By collecting a wealth of information on your case, we get started right away on crafting a strong and aggressive defense on your behalf.

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If you are facing vehicular manslaughter charges, your personal rights, freedom, job, and reputation may be at stake. You need the help of an experienced vehicular manslaughter lawyer to protect what matters to you most. Contact the Law Office of Mark Keller today and learn how we can fight for you.

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