DWI/DUI Procedures in Albuquerque, NM

After being arrested, you may feel as if there is more information about your DWI/DUI than you can manage. From your interlock license to the court dates, it can be extremely overwhelming. With over 80 years of experience with DWI/DUI law, the Law Office of Mark Keller provides experienced guidance throughout the administrative procedures of DWI/DUI and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

DWI/DUI: What to Expect

In the state of New Mexico, a DWI/DUI triggers two separate cases: the administrative case and the criminal case. Your administrative case deals with your driver’s license, while your criminal case addresses the drunk driving charge.

It is crucial to call an experienced DWI/DUI lawyer as soon as you are arrested. When you choose the Law Office of Mark Keller, you get experienced DWI/DUI help throughout every stage of your case. Our attorneys help you by:

  • Protecting your rights after your arrest
  • Representing you at arraignment and preliminary hearings
  • Requesting a MVD hearing on your behalf
  • Creating a strong and effective criminal defense on your behalf
  • Recovering seized vehicles
  • And more

Whether it is your first offense or your fifth, our criminal defense attorneys give you step-by-step knowledge of your case so you are completely informed at all times. With experienced guidance and hard-hitting DWI/DUI defense tactics, our attorneys work tirelessly to minimize the penalties of your charges whenever possible.

We Are Here For You When You Need DWI/DUI Help

With two different cases to attend to, handling New Mexico DWI/DUI administrative procedures by yourself can be overwhelming. The Law Office of Mark Keller is here to help. We give you the experienced and knowledgeable guidance you need while fighting aggressively for your case. Contact us today and discuss your DWI/DUI with an experienced Albuquerque DWI/DUI lawyer.

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