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Facing a criminal charge can be extremely stressful. It may be your first time in trouble, or you may be worried about how the courts will see your previous charges. In any criminal arrest, it is important to remember that although suffering a criminal accusation, you still have rights. At the Law Office of Mark Keller, we protect the rights of the accused and fight tirelessly for the best possible outcome. Our attorneys successfully handle complicated criminal defense cases in areas such as:

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Our attorneys have over 23 years of experience in New Mexico criminal defense law. We understand that a felony conviction has the potential to negatively impact your life in the short and long term. You may struggle with social stigmas, lose your right to own a firearm, lose your right to see your family, and find it difficult to secure employment. Our attorneys will aggressively fight your charges and ensure that your best interests are protected every step of the way.

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If you are arrested for a criminal offense, it is important to remember that you have rights. The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Mark Keller are here to protect those rights and advocate for your best interests. Our attorneys are passionate about providing criminal legal help to the accused in New Mexico. Contact a criminal defense lawyer today to discuss how we can help you build a strong criminal defense.