Finding the Right DWI/DUI Lawyer in Albuquerque, NM

Legal books on tableAt the Law Office of Mark Keller, we can provide the powerful legal defense you need to fight your DWI/DUI case. When we build your defense, we will:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation of the arrest. Was there probable cause for the officer to arrest you? Were your rights violated in any way? Was there a reason you did not pass the field sobriety tests — health problems like an inner ear infection, or an injured back? All issues will be examined and investigated.
  • Evaluate the validity of the breathalyzer results. Was the equipment properly calibrated when you took your test? Did the officer administer the test correctly? Documents will be subpoenaed to determine if the State has complied with Scientific Lab Regulations.
  • Ensure that you do not miss any court dates.  We will make sure you are represented at every stage of the proceedings. Our staff will keep you apprised of any and all court dates as well as any administrative hearings.
  • Help you get your property back. If your vehicle was seized, we can request a hearing with the City of Albuquerque to reclaim your property. We will take the fight to District Court if need be.
  • Assist you in reclaiming your driving privileges. We will request an MVD hearing and fight to protect your driving privileges.

The experienced DUI lawyers at our firm can guide you through the overwhelming amount of procedure involved in your DUI case. We are here to help you in this stressful time. We will vigorously defend your rights and help you fight for the best possible outcome.

Choosing a New Mexico DUI Lawyer

When you have been arrested for drunk driving, your best defense is an experienced DUI attorney. When you choose an attorney, you want to hire someone who is:

  • Aggressive
  • Experienced
  • Available
  • Knowledgeable
  • Committed to your defense

The Law Office of Mark Keller is passionate about defending those accused of drunk driving in New Mexico. We are committed to fighting zealously for your case every step of the way. Our DUI lawyers have been handling drunk driving cases for a combined 48 years and we are well versed in the State of New Mexico’s prosecutorial strategies. Our aggressive reputation is known throughout the courts — we refuse to back down with prosecutors and are not afraid of a vicious battle.

Call Our Albuquerque Attorneys to Start Building Your Drunk Driving Defense

Whether you are facing a repeat conviction or this is your first offense, you need an experienced DUI lawyer to help you stand up to the State. We have helped New Mexicans fight their drunk driving charges for over a combined 80 years and will put our experience and skill to work for you. Contact one of our best DUI lawyers today and learn how we can help you with your drunk driving defense.

Call us at (505) 842-1440 to schedule your free consultation and discuss your DUI with an experienced Albuquerque attorney.