Bench Trials or Jury Trials in Albuquerque, New Mexico?

If you’re facing criminal charges in Albuquerque, NM, you may be confused about the options available to you, including the difference between a jury trial and a bench trial. The Albuquerque defense attorneys at the Mark Keller Law Office are here to guide you and fight for you.

Bench Trials

Bench trials take place in front of a judge without the involvement of a jury. It is the presiding judge who decides on the credibility of the evidence provided and decides the outcome of the trial.

Jury Trials

A jury trail is comprised of a jury composed of members of the community. The evidence is presented to the jury members and they decide on the verdict.

Bench Trials versus Jury Trials in New Mexico

A bench trial can be beneficial when a fast resolution is needed. They often take less time than jury trials because there is no need for jury selection or instruction. In a bench trial, however, only one person rules on the verdict based on the evidence, not multiple individuals with differing opinions and viewpoints.

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A jury trial may provide a more impartial decision than a judge who may be swayed by outside influences, such as re-election or reviews. However, jury trials are time-consuming and jurors may be affected by outside influences as well.

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