DWI/DUI Lawyer for Help with a Seized Vehicle in New Mexico

If you are faced with the prospect of having your vehicle seized after a drunk driving arrest, the criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Mark Keller will be your tireless advocates.

Vehicle Seizure and Forfeiture

Within Albuquerque, a second or subsequent DWI/DUI arrest or driving with a revoked license may be subject to seizure. When your vehicle is seized, you could face legal forfeiture.

Forfeiture is a legal proceeding to prove the vehicle is a nuisance. If the city succeeds in the suit, your vehicle will become the property of the city and will be sold at auction.

When your car is seized, you will be served a notice of vehicle seizure. You have 5 days from the date of the notice to request a hearing to fight the vehicle forfeiture. If you fail to respond to the notice, you automatically forfeit your vehicle.

Requesting for a Hearing

When it comes to seizure and forfeiture, you have very little time to protect yourself and your vehicle. The first step is to contact the experienced DWI/DUI lawyers at the Law Office of Mark Keller as soon as possible. We will guide you through the next steps:

  • Filing the written request for a hearing
  • Paying $50.00 for the hearing in the form of a certified check or money order
  • Representing you during the hearing

At the Law Office of Mark Keller, we have over 80 years of combined experience. We have represented many clients who have been in danger of vehicle seizure or who have already had their vehicles seized. We put all of our experience into building an aggressive defense from the consequences that stem from a drunk driving arrest.

If you’re in danger of losing your car due to a DWI/DUI in Albuquerque, contact the attorneys at the Law Office of Mark Keller right away for fearless and experienced representation.

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