Homicide/Murder Defense Attorney in New Mexico

If you have been arrested for murder or homicide, it is imperative to consult a murder defense lawyer immediately — your liberties, freedom, and reputation may be in jeopardy. At the Law Office of Mark Keller, our attorneys will aggressively fight the charges you face and work tirelessly on your case as we seek to obtain the best possible outcome.

Understanding Homicide/Murder Charges in New Mexico

Homicide is a broad category that encompasses a variety of circumstances. These include:

  • Murder is the killing of one human being by another without any lawful justification or excuse.
    • Murder in the first degree. You may be charged with murder in the first degree if death occurred due to premeditated will, while committing a felony, or in a reckless act that was greatly dangerous to others. This is a capital felony.
    • Murder in the second degree is a charge levied when a person kills someone in the heat of passion with sufficient provocation. This is a second degree felony.
  • Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice.
    • Voluntary manslaughter. You may be charged with this if the person died upon a sudden quarrel or in the heat of passion. This is a third degree felony.
    • Involuntary manslaughter. This charge refers to the commission of an unlawful act that was not a felony but resulted in the death of a human being. This is a fourth degree felony.
  • Excusable homicide occurs when the act was committed by accident in the heat of the moment or in the course of any lawful act, like driving a car, without any unlawful intent. This is not considered a crime.
  • Justifiable homicide occurs when the act was committed in necessary defense of your life, family, or property. Homicide is also justified in situations where it is reasonable to believe the victim was going to kill others. This is not considered a crime.

Homicide is a complicated area of New Mexico law. Our criminal defense attorneys can help you understand the potential sentencing you may face for your unique charges and discuss how we will fight those charges. The Law Office of Mark Keller will investigate every detail of your arrest and alleged crime to build the best possible defense on your behalf.

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