Defending Albuquerque DWI Charges

Many New Mexicans think that there is no escaping a drunk driving charge. On the contrary, our legal team knows the many ways your DWI/DUI charge can be dismissed or reduced. Our DWI/DUI lawyers conduct a thorough investigation of your Albuquerque DWI arrest and search out details, such as:

  • The conditions of your arrest, was proper DWI/DUI procedure followed?
  • Equipment used to test BAC, was it calibrated correctly?
  • Reason for traffic stop, did the officer have a reason to pull you over?
  • Presence of alternate tests, did you request a blood test?
  • Alcohol intoxication, were you above the legal limit?
  • Type of DWI/DUI case, were you driving a commercial vehicle or under 21?

Fight your charges with aggressive DWI/DUI defense from an experienced drunk driving lawyer! Contact us here or call (505) 842-1440.

By gathering a thorough account of what happened, we can begin to craft a strong drunk driving defense on your behalf. Our DWI/DUI lawyers fight to provide the best legal options for your case and are vigilant in protecting your rights until it is resolved.

A DWI/DUI can be a stressful and traumatic experience, especially in a state where there are life-altering penalties. Well-known in the legal community for our aggressive legal strategies, the Law Office of Mark Keller provides the hard-hitting criminal defense you need to minimize the damage a New Mexico DWI/DUI has on your life.

Immediate Action on Your New Mexico DWI/DUI

Depending on the presence of prior offenses, your driver’s license may be revoked immediately after your arrest. If you do not appeal this revocation with the MVD within 10 days, you may lose your driving privileges for a whole year.

Our Albuquerque law office protects your right to drive by immediately filing your appeal and even attending MVD hearings on your behalf. We also handle your criminal proceedings, aggressively fighting to protect your rights and freedom every step of the way.

Free DWI/DUI Consultation in Albuquerque, NM

Whether it is your first offense or your fifth, our drunk driving lawyers are here to help. We understand the stress of DUI penalties and provide the aggressive DWI/DUI defense you need to fight the State. Take immediate action to resolve your New Mexico DWI/DUI today and contact the Law Office of Mark Keller to set up your free, same-day consultation.